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Posted on Wednesday, Jan 3, 2018
The new Azure Storage podcast features senior Storage program manager Karl Rautenstrauch giving an overview of the new features in Azure Storage services, and how Microsoft customers can leverage them to maximize business value!

Microsoft Azure Storage is a Microsoft-managed cloud service that provides storage that is highly available, secure, durable, scalable, and redundant. Microsoft takes care of maintenance and handles critical problems for you. Azure Storage consists of three data services: Blob storage, File storage, and Queue storage. Blob storage supports both standard and premium storage, with premium storage using only SSDs for the fastest performance possible. Another feature is cool storage, allowing you to store large amounts of rarely accessed data for a lower cost.

Show Notes

00:00 - 00:30 - Intro

00:30 - 04:15 - Guest Background and College Mascot (Karl)

04:15 - 06:23 - Overview of Cloud Storage

06:23 - 08:25 - Azure Storage Overview

08:25 - 09:35 - Storage Capacity Planning in Azure

09:35 - 14:05 - Azure Storage Limits and Increases in the Limits

14:05 - 17:03 – Storage Replication

17:03 - 18:43 - What makes Azure Storage Platform unique?

18:43 - 19:28 - Blob Level Tiering and Archive Tier

19:28 - 22:50 - Storage Tier Architectures

22:50 - 25:20 - How Azure Storage works with Microsoft Storage Partners

25:20 - 29:20 - Azure Data Box

29:20 - 30:10 - Azure Data Box Case

30:10 - 32:30 - Hybrid File Use Case and Azure Hybrid File Sync

32:30 - 34:50 - Azure Storage Roadmap

34:50 - 36:10 - Watch Azure Blog for Announcements

36:10 - 37:50 - Removing Roadblocks (Firewalls, Encryption on by Default, Customer Managed Keys)

37:50 - 39:15 - Azure Storage Team has never lost customer data

39:15 - 42:30 - Misconceptions

42:30 - Go Dos

Azure Storage twitter - @AzureStorage


Karl Rautenstrauch

Karl Rautenstrauch

Karl is a Sr. Program Manager on the Azure Storage team focused on partners, ISVs, and customer engagements. He joins Engineering after four years as a Global Blackbelt and brings almost twenty years of experience as a customer and presales technical resource who has worked a local, regional, national and international levels. Karl has vast experience in Enterprise SAN and NAS, Cloud Infrastructure and Storage, Server Virtualization, Networking, IaaS, Backup, Disaster Recovery, and High Availability.He has a passion for helping partners and customers build their businesses on the foundation of Azure Storage!

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