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Posted on Friday, May 11, 2018
Microsoft Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud platform that lets you deliver Azure services from your organization’s datacenter. Azure Stack is designed to enable new scenarios for your modern applications in key scenarios, like edge and disconnected environments, or meeting specific security and compliance requirements. Azure Stack is offered in two deployment options to meet your needs.

In this podcast we discuss the key workloads enabled by Azure Stack, the pricing model and the different services available on Stack. Come learn about this unique Microsoft cloud product from the director of program management for hybrid cloud, Natalia Mackevicius, and an Azure Global Black Belt, Ultan Kinahan

Show Notes

0:00 - Intro

0:18 - Guest bio’s (Natalia, Ultan)

3:48 - What is Azure Stack?

6:00 – Development on Azure Stack

19:00 – CPU Sku’s available

20:00 – Azure Stack Scale

25:00 – Stack at Service Providers and how to buy Stack and how to pay for VM’s/Services

33:00 – Azure Stack Roadmap

36:00 – Services available on Stack vs Azure proper

44:00 – How to provide feedback to the Stack Team

49:00 – Azure Stack SDK


Natalia Mackevicius

Natalia Mackevicius

Natalia Mackevicius is a Director of Program Management focusing on hybrid cloud strategies; bringing Azure cloud services to hosted and enterprise clouds. Azure Stack, CPS, Windows Azure Pack.

Ultan Kinahan

Ultan Kinahan

Ultan Kinahan is a Global Black Belt for Azure Stack at Microsoft skilled in partnering with teams, business and management to identify needs and implement cost-effective technologies to increase overall efficiency and position organizations for advanced growth. Strategically and cost effectively align technology with business objectives. Provide vision and dedicated leadership for key solutions, including network design and infrastructure, security, back-up/recovery, remote connectivity, virtualization, routing/switching, archiving, and telecommunications. Organized, take-charge professional with exceptional follow-through abilities and detail orientation; plan and oversee projects from conception to successful solutions. Skilled trainer, mentor and project leader; communicates effectively with management, vendors, team members and staff at all skill levels.

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